Dear Stakeholders,

As Özak REIC, we believe that it is necessary to find an answer to the question “What is valuable?” to create a value. We primarily focus on the answer to this question in every step we take and every project we implement.

We define our values by using the concepts of “rare,” “timeless,” “original,” and “pioneering.”

As Özak REIC, we have developed and continue to develop ageless and timeless projects with a high investment value through an original business model and accurate strategies thanks to our broad experience in the industry and qualified human resources.

We have stood out among our competitors with our sustainable sources of income and our diversified portfolio that continuously creates value for all our stakeholders. Our ability to generate stable income proved that our success was not a coincidence.

We have implemented all our projects based on needs and designed and built not only houses, but also new living spaces and lifestyles in line with these needs. Our projects, which break sales records before they are launched, continue to prove how accurate and valuable the future we build is.

As always, our goal is to become indispensable for all our stakeholders by increasing the value we create and our profitability with each passing day, achieve new successes, shape the industry with pioneering approaches, and, most importantly, continue to work hard and produce for our country and our future.

With these in mind, on behalf of all members of the Özak REIC family, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders who give us strength and courage.


Chairman of the Board of Directors