Having entered the construction industry with Inter Yapı in 1995, Özak REIC was established in 2009 in order to gather all real estates under the same roof. It carries out land improvement and project development activities with an innovative, quality, and efficiency-oriented approach by offering a wide product range and portfolio management in five different segments: housing, office, storage, tourism, and retail.

Having offered to public in 2012, the company ranked 57th ahead of many major companies in the list of “Turkey’s 100 Largest Companies,” prepared by Forbes Turkey according to 2014 data, with its innovative, quality, and efficiency-oriented approach.

Adopting the principle of offering solutions to make life easier with its projects, Özak REIC stands out with its original works in the most central locations of the city. With its team specialized in urbanism, Özak REIC makes use of the knowledge and experience of its distinguished partners in the industry and develops projects that increase the quality of life and have the potential to bring high profit to its investors in the most dynamic parts of the city.

The completed projects of Özak REIC include 34 Portall Plaza, which has logistic and architectural features that add efficiency to the business processes of companies; Bulvar 216, which was developed based on the concepts of gastronomy and recreation by going beyond the conventional understanding of shopping mall; Ela Excellence Resort Belek, which introduced the idea of hotel with family and children concept to Turkey; İş İstanbul 34, which was built as a state-of-the-art Class A office; Bayrampaşa Metro Gross Market, which was put into operation in 2011, and Hayat Tepe and Hayat Tepe Suites, which were sold-out in a short time thanks to its investment potential and central location; and the Özak Head Office Building situated within the Büyükyalı Project built on the concepts of "human" and "good living.”

The construction of Büyükyalı, one of the most valuable projects of Özak REIC, began in 2016. Implemented right beside the Historical Peninsula based on the concepts of “human” and “good life,” the Büyükyalı Istanbul project stands out as one of the most special life projects not only in Turkey, but also in the world with its location and privileges.

Özak REIC went on to undertake projects with the potential to yield high profits and started to develop a housing project intertwined with nature in 2020. This project is situated on Özak REIC's own land in Göktürk, one of Istanbul’s up-and-coming residential districts in close proximity to Istanbul Airport and the TEM motorway. Planning to complete the sales of the 2nd phase of the project in 2023, the Company projects approximately TL 968.1 million in total revenues once the project is finalized.

Planning to enter the “urban-style hotel management” industry to make its mark in city centers, Özak REIC aims to develop a mixed-use project consisting of houses, offices, and an apart-hotel in Balmumcu, which is one of Istanbul’s most central locations. Purchased for this purpose, the Balmumcu Land is of great importance with its uninterrupted Bosphorus view and its proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge, the E5 highway, and the coastal road.

Özak REIC plans to develop new hotel projects under the Ela Resort name with its world-class quality on its lands in Didim and Demre in the coming years. In addition, it aims to further strengthen its position among the leading companies of the industry by increasing its real estate turnover assertively with the ongoing Büyükyalı and Göktürk project, also the Göktürk 2.phase and Balmumcu projects which will begin in the upcoming period respectively.

The five segments in which Özak REIC invests serve as the strong parts supporting each other in the company’s strong and flexible business model. With this structure, the company protects itself from conjunctural changes, minimizes the risks, and focuses on profitable projects to invest in.

The sales of Özak REIC’s completed projects successfully reflect the reliability it has built in the industry with its strong marketing strategy and quality-oriented approach. The company analyzes the existing and potential risks in the industry correctly and prioritizes the projects that involve the most acceptable level of risk for its investors and promise high efficiency and profitability.

Achieving a sustainable growth with its portfolio diversity and profit-orientation, Özak REIC has %42 cagr (compound annual growth rate) since its establishment in 2009 and become one of the largest real estate investment trust companies in Turkey.

Operating in accordance with the regulations of the Capital Markets Board, Özak REIC has been traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since February 15, 2012 under the ticker symbol “OZKGY” with a free float rate of 25%. Özak REIC has aimed to create value for all its shareholders and business partners with its strong financial structure and sustainable growth strategies since its public offering. Its shares corresponding to 23% of its capital are in the free float.

With its reliable financial structure based on its own substantial resources, funding opportunities, and regular rental income generated by its qualified portfolio, Özak REIC will continue to create value for all its stakeholders and further expand its wide network of activity from land purchase to project development and design, from production to sales and marketing with its expert and competent human resources.

Crowning its success with many prestigious awards given by prestigious organizations in Europe for its projects that make a difference and add value to life in central locations, Özak REIC further expands its wide network of activity with its reliable financial structure based on its own substantial resources, funding opportunities, and regular rental income generated by its qualified portfolio and continues to increase its turnover assertively through new housing, office, and land improvement projects.