Founded in 2009 within Özak Global Holding, one of Turkey’s leading organizations, Özak Real Estate Company has a compounded annual growth rate of 42% with its approach focused on quality, innovation, and efficiency and become a pioneering and leading organization in the industry. Özak REIC continues to shape the real estate industry with the philosophy of adding value to life.

About Özak REIC

A Different Understanding

Each project we develop with our right and sustainable business model in the right place at the right time in accordance with both personal and regional needs makes us stand out as a “trend setter.”

A Different Kind of Strength

Being a member of the Özak Global Holding family, which operates in different sectors such as textile, construction, tourism, and facility management with its 35 years of history in the world of business, gives us a different kind of strength.

A Different Value

We believe that the most important condition for creating sustainable value in the real estate industry is portfolio diversity. Our business model, understanding of diversity, and regular rental income add a different value to our financial structure and ability to develop projects, regardless of the economic conjuncture.

Different Solutions

All the projects we have implemented and focused on indicate that we interpret both global and local trends and the future correctly. This value allows us to achieve the desired results in our new housing, office, and land improvement projects, which develop solutions to different expectations and fulfill needs.

A Different Location

We are searching for value not in remote places, but in central locations in the center of life. The projects we implement in the parts of Istanbul that have always been popular strengthen both our present and our future. All our projects in central locations add value to life.

A Different Life

In all the projects we implement, we do not only build a house or office, but also create new lifestyles based on “good life” with the value we place on people.

Özak REIC by the Figures


Billion TRY
Total Asset Size


Billion TRY
Real Estate Portfolio Value


Billion TRY
Net Asset Value


Billion TRY
Net Income

The figures above are the official figures announced on March 31, 2021.